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Gameplay Programmer

Technical Designer

UI/UX Designer

About Me

I am currently in my fourth year at UC Santa Cruz seeking my B.S. Degree in Computer Science: Game Design. I first started making video games when I got to college and learned about game engines. I have spent time working in Unity and Game Maker. I also worked with a graduate student in the Game Design Masters Program as an independent study assistant for three quarters.

 I am an avid sports fan. Whether it is watching professionally or playing with friends, I love the competition of just about any sport. Throughout high school I played basketball, including two years on varsity. 

I have had a passion for video games since I received my first gaming device (a Game Boy Advance SP) when I was in first grade. It is my dream to work in the industry that has given me so many cherished memories.




What I learned

This game was a solo project that I created in Unity. It was a quick four week project that developed my skills as a programmer and introduced me to the implementation of animations and other key art assets. Making this game in a short amount of time encouraged me to continue creating short prototypes that can be fun to test and share with friends.


Drone Attack

What I learned

This game was made in Unity. It is the first project I worked on by myself. The experience helped me get a grasp for everything that goes into game, from programming mechanics to art assets to user interface elements. It also gave me confidence in my abilities to create a digital game from scratch.

What I learned

This game was made using the Phaser Framework. I worked on a team of 4 UC Santa Cruz Students to complete it. The experience showed me the challenges of collaborating with a team and taught me how to work through them. It also enhanced my ability to learn a new program or language and create something with it.

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